Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Billions of Santas.

Rosie with one of the billions...
Rosie has developed her own theory about Santa and I really like it.
She very strongly BELIEVES that there are BILLIONS of Santas in the universe. 
They live and work in all corners of the earth, even outer space, to do good and nice things for everyone. 
Some are in disguise to look like regular people and some wear the Santa suits, but they all teach kids about love and kindness. And peace.
These billions of Santas are in the habit of giving presents because they want everyone in the world to get nice surprises. They also want everyone to be nice and give each other presents instead of saying mean things.
The billions of Santas are really awesome.
Wishing you all a peaceful holiday filled with love and kindness. 


Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Tables...Kids V. Grownups.

Thanksgiving at the Gieseke house offered offered some awesome symmetry this year... two tables of 11 each.
11 kids and 11 grown ups.
(a very math-y dinner)
And for the record, Anna at age 23 is still a kid on Thanksgiving.
I really like this photo because I think it captures the great hilarity that was happening over at the kids table.
I'm pretty sure that if this photo had a sound track, there would be plenty of bodily function jokes- because few things are more hysterical than fart jokes at the Thanksgiving dinner kid table.
And then things calmed down just enough for me to get a quick photo of about half of the fun table willing to look at the camera.
The conversation at our table was a bit more polite, but the 
Grandpa duo at the far end seemed to be having a great time in this photo.
Then I went around the table and took superfast photos of all in trios and pairs... I think it worked well... these two look both relaxed and happy.
(and I don't think it has anything to do with the very fancypants elements of Hudepol and Reddiwhip on the table)    
Same with my bro Charlie, with his funky new frames and my cute sis in law, Christine.
My brother John, Karl and Debby flashing their big Thanksgiving grins. 
Turkey received a birthday smooch from his Grandma to celebrate his happy 12th birthday.
We were honored to have celebrity guest musician friends, Josh and Genevieve who are young and strong enough to meet all of our family craziness with grace and goodwill.  
At some point my mom made it to the kid table to smile with her grand girls... she brought her glass of red with's not Rosie's wine...
We got in the picture too!
Christine took this photo of Karl and I.
Mom happily posed with more grand girls ... Mary and Anna showed off their knitting projects.
The kids were too squirrely to hang out at the table- but I did catch the 8 youngest as they ran through the kitchen not long after dinner.
And thats a wrap...
Hope your Thanksgiving was full of family, friends and a gratitude for the abundance of life's many blessings.
Happy day to all.