Monday, July 20, 2015

Kicking the Dust Up with Luke Bryan and the Sisterhood.

I spent a fantastic time kicking up some dust last night when Luke Bryan brought some of his uber cool friends to Cincinnati to hang out and sing a few songs with some of my uber cool cowgal pals. 
It was a night to remember. 
And because we are stylish and fancy country concert goers, we took a batwing stretch to the show just because thats how we roll.   
And Luke was so happy to see us (and 60,000 others) that he insisted on looking extra handsome and country swagger-y.
Which we were all ok with.
Like me, Luke has a ton of talented and energetic friends who played before he hit the stage.
And those friends have a lot of fans who aren't as capable at party pacing themselves as my smart and experienced sisterhood. The main difference is that my pals had a token beer to celebrate all things country and then realized that we would rather watch the show then stand in line in the ladies rom.
Some of the less wise fans that we shared a stadium with drank gallons of beer and then either puked or fell asleep.
One of these amazing friends of mine is a doctor pretending not to be a doctor for one night.
There were several fans in our section who drank far too much than anyone should and didn't realize this until they were on the brink of consciousness.
"They will be fine once they puke, but I don't want to get barfed on tonight" were her medical words of wisdom while keeping a safe distance. And she was absolutely right. 
The party animals woke up from their beery sleep, threw up their Miller Lite (gross) and then were escorted out by medical personnel while my doctor friend stayed and enjoyed the show.  
It turns out that concert over drinkers are pretty predictable.
While we were waiting for Luke, we enjoyed the  bro-country duo Georgia Florida Line who were super energetic and hip with their country rap.
I didn't even realize that there was such a thing as bro-country duos singing rap country songs before now but thought they were both really fantastic. And fit. And very talented at styling a man bun on stage in between country rap songs.
Erika and I realized that we shared our first concert memory when we went to see The Police together over 30 years ago, so we took a selfie to commemorate that anniversary. 
And I found my brother Charlie in the crowd!
And Luke played his piano and sang his adorable country heart out and indeed showed us all how he earned the esteemed title of entertainer of the year. 
Luke is a super talented, high energy performer who puts on a great show and we all loved and respected him for it.
And just when we didn't think he could get any more adorable... he asked a little boy from the audience come on stage and share a song with him. Which proves of course, that Luke has a gentle heart as well as a super cute smile.
And then there were fireworks!
And flames!
And our dear Luke rose up from the front stage on the top of big black pick up truck and it was really beyond awesome.
And really what can top a song from the roof of a flaming truck?
And so ended my glorious evening of wonderful friends, fancy wheels, and fun and energetic music.
A night that could not be topped... not even from the roof of a truck on fire.
Thank you Luke Bryan and thank you more to my fabulous country concert sisterhood for sharing in  such a perfect summer night.

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