Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Take your Mothers to a Concert Night.

Theresa and I had a great night out... lucky for us, it was take your mothers to rock concert night for our two Lillies.
It was also be sure to find nice people to drive you to the concert night so these mothers had two very good reasons for a fun night out.
We went to see Matt Nathanson, who opened for The Fray, who opened for Train. 
All were fantastic. 
And while I always think of Train as this edgy and hip new band, I also remember driving Anna and Mary to preschool while singing along to Meet Virginia. And since any and Mary are now 20 and 23... this suggests that Train might might not be quite so brand new. Which suits me better because I realized that every Train song is one of my favorites... and now Lilly loves and appreciates some of the more recent songs.
They are awesome... tons of great songs with incredible energy and lyrics.
And I discovered that my daughter takes after her mom when it comes enjoying a summer concert with a best buddy.
She, (like me) sings energetically but not in perfect accompaniment to the band on stage... 
happily though, her pal, (like mine) is good natured and doesn't mind a little friend concert karaoke. Bless her. 

And since Train has gorgeous lyrics of pure poetry...
here is my girl singing with gusto about being run over by 
"a crappy purple Scion" a favorite Train lyric of love and loss. 

So thank you Theresa for sharing your daughter with mine and for spending a beautiful summer evening with me and our girls rocking out to some not so new but very fun bands, on the banks of the Ohio.
We are truly two lucky moms :-)


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