Sunday, May 1, 2011

Darth Vader Recycles!

For an Earth day project Jamie chose to express his commitment to recycling through music. He has just learned the Star Wars Imperial March on the piano and thought that if Darth Vader reminded people to help the environment, they would pay attention, sort their recyclables and help save planet earth.
Here he is as Darth, playing the famous scary theme and reciting his poem in what Jamie considered to be the most authentic Darth Vader voice he could muster up. 

"Do not allow yourself to be destroyed as Obi Wan did.... 
Cardboard, newspapers, batteries and cans.  These things can be used to make something new.
Pop bottles, plastic containers and glass. Recycle these things and your earth may still last. Milk cartons, yogurt cups, a box, aluminum. Send them to recycling, instead of to the dump. Paper bags, plastic one, your old homework, too. Toss them in the green bins or they will crush you.

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