Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Well gifted.

 Mary's three layer marble cake with rainbow chip icing and eggs from the Chungs. 

It should be noted that I was very well gifted on Mother's day... my dears ask that I share their thoughtful mom gifts here.
Mary made a cake. She started this project on Saturday evening after Karl and I sneaked out to go to catch a movie. She said that Rosie "helped" by breaking all of the eggs on the kitchen floor and then passed out asleep on the couch. (Mary said that the fact that she was unconscious fro the rest of the night is what allowed for the cake to be finished.) However, without eggs they were facing a major problem finishing the cake. Without a driver's license or a backyard chicken, the resourceful middle kids saved the day. "Don't worry, we're on it!...Jamie grabbed a flashlight and the trio went door to door in search of eggs.
While I was embarrassed to learn that my darlings were roaming the neighborhood begging for eggs in the dark on a Saturday night, I was touched by their commitment to make the darn cake without asking me to go get them ingredients. Thanks to sympathetic friends,  (Kim and Gene to the rescue!) they found eggs and safely got them home to Mary to finish the cake. 

Henry and his Blockhead...patent pending.

Henry made a very cute blockhead, his own invention... he found a block an then hammered a face on one side. He was amazed at how well it came out and is very, very proud of his sculpture. I think he may look into marketing them. It is, without a doubt, the coolest blockhead I have ever owned.

Lily gave me a lovely necklace made from magazines and Elmers glue. She rolled the magazines into beads, used the glue as a kind of shellac, and strung them all together for a lovely choker...I seriously love my new bling.

 Here is Lily modeling my uber- cool magazine bead choker.

Jamie gave me a very nice card that he made himself and signed "love from your peenit!!!" Which gave me pause at first glance until I realized that "peenit" is inventive spelling for "peanut" which is one of my pet names for Jamie... phew.  

Anna, the girl with the summer job, gave me a cool book and a cool CD. She is doing whatever she can to make me into a cooler mom. I'm doing my hipster best, but Lordy, cool is a high standard. I think an Adele CD just might help though.

The divine Miss Rose gave me her usual gift of an early morning. At 6:05 I awoke to the not so gentle slap slapping of my cheeks, as though I have fainted and must be aroused IMMEDIATELY! Apparently hungry... "I NEED OPA-MEAL!" she shouts, top volume... her little face about 2 inches from my own. Her wake up tactic is loud and proud so that if I don't move right away, she will make short work of waking up the rest of the house.... this is very effective- every time. Maybe next year she will let me sleep in a bit and offer up a crafty item, but this year we kicked off our very early Mother's day together with oatmeal on demand.  

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  1. Love, love, love Adele! And to think listening to her could possible help me be cool. I'm all in.