Sunday, May 8, 2011

5 Mothers

There are five mothers who I am especially grateful for and would like to wish them the very best day, (month, year, decade, eternity) imaginable. 
The first is my own mom for everything she has done for me for the past 43 and 3/4 years. As the poet Tina Turner once famously said... "you are simply the best"and no one knows it better than me. Also, thank you Jo, for being Karl's mother and putting him on this planet because there is no way that I can  imagine my life without him.
On the outskirts of Guatemala City there is a brave tough lady whose inner strength is beyond remarkable. This woman managed to build her own house for her own family with her own hands out of found cinder blocks. She gave birth to my oldest son and then made a plan for him that allowed me to be his mother. Thank you, S.
On the other side of Guatemala City is another strong mother who is making difficult decisions and working hard to piece together the kind of life where her own family will thrive and have a good future. I am so grateful that C. made an adoption plan for the baby boy that she knew she could not raise... Henry is a dear blessing.
Somewhere in the heart of the capital of Ethiopia is a woman who gave birth to my strong, funny youngest daughter. While Rosie's beginnings are more mysterious to me, I know without a doubt that she was loved and cherished during her youngest months because of the little person that she is now. In her earliest months, someone gazed into her baby eyes with love and convinced her that she was a gift to this world.So thank you to her first mother for nurturing my tiniest daughter in Addis Ababa until I met her, you gave her the loving start in life that she deserved.  

And thanks also to these six Wombats for being who they are and for turning me into a mom- I really am the luckiest mom ever.

 My monkey hat team- May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

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