Friday, May 6, 2011

Mud, Boys and Power Rangers

Here are my guys taking advantage of the post rainstorm pit of our backyard. Lots of mud combined with the violent turmoil of three Red Rangers all trying to dominate the same puddle, made for two happy little dudes.

At some point my dear sweet little boys lose the rangers and take it to the porch...
"Take my picture NOW!"
says The Rosemonster,  not wanting to be left out of all of the good times of her ever loving family.

After whomping the catpoop out of each other and then backyard swamp mud wrestling,  these muddy brothers remain on good terms with each other... at least for the moment. 


  1. You have a really wonderful family!

    --Mark Reid

  2. awwww...thanks Mark. So do you!

  3. Cassie and I love your photos, but Cassie wants to know where the hedgehog is?