Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Streetside Lemonade Sales

Jamie and Henry had a lemonade stand... actually Jamie was the entrepreneur and hired Henry to work for him. Henry could handle his boss for only so long and quit for a better work environment... he took the passive way out... left to come in to the bathroom and never returned to his post. Jamie did well for himself in spite of disgruntled employees and made $37.25.
He was psyched.

Next weekend... impressed by Jamie's earnings, Lily and her buddy set up their own stand. They increase their product line and sold ice cream cups in addition to lemonade. However, they worked on a blazing hot day... not so many dog walkers and stroller moms. Total earnings for the day= $24.75- which they split 50/50 because after all it was a partnership kind of deal.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

"I Love France!"

Anna is in France for two weeks visiting Amandine and her family, the lovely young student who stayed with us last year during the exchange program. She was so excited to go and even happier when she e-mailed home. "I love everything about France... the food, the clothes, dogs in restaurants- and best of all the people- everyone is French!"

She felt that she looked tres Euro with her outfit and was quite pleased when the airline hostess addressed her in French.

As I took this photo I asked her to do something french-ish...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Looks a bit like a jungle, but it's actually our front yard. We lost a big branch the other day which quickly became a hideout for Lily and Jamie.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Impostor Heartbreaker?

Karl is a huge fan of Tom Petty and will often play his guitar with tunes from his much loved Tom Petty songbook. He says that they are simple songs, fun to play and since our dear Tom borderline talks through his lyrics...easy to sing to. Not a lot of super high Freddie Mercury-ish notes with old T.P. Anyway, Tom and his Heartbreakers came to town the other night and Karl's nice wife (me!) got tickets for the two of us to go. We had awesome seats, so we were able to really check out the band up close. Midway through the second song, Karl leans into me and says "that's not Tom Petty."
Hmmmm...who is it then? "I don't know, but he is way too happy and charmed by the audience to be Tom."
It's true that Tom did seem very surprised that the house was packed with cheering, fistpumping graying old rockers like us. He would look up from his mic and grin and shake his head in what seemed like disbelief that we all showed up. He was like a humble rock legend not taking himself too seriously... very refreshing. And once Karl was able to get over the idea that his once skinny, angry young, pompous pain in the ass rockstar was now a laid back, kind of paunchy, really pretty happy to be on stage kind of musician- he loved the show too. From one of his earliest albums...Damn the Torpedoes in 1976 until now- no one else could ever stand in for him... he is who he is.

Here is Tom and a couple of heartbreakers. I was able to take only one photo before the battery in my camera died.

Since I didn't get anymore fun photos of Tom, here is one of Karl playing a Tom Petty song in our kitchen. Rock on.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Suppose I Was a Swirl of Light

Lily's new favorite quiet place is her "Fort under the Stairs."
Quite similar to Harry Potter's
Cupboard under the Stairs bedroom, only less homey.

Lily attended a wonderful week long camp for young writers. She really enjoyed it although she was uncomfortable when it came to giving feedback on other girls pieces. The girls were encouraged to make positive comments about the other campers writing... Lily later told me that she felt that she was a "very good listener and a less good commenter."
I think that good listening is a tougher skill then good commenting and told her as much.

Here is a poem, or maybe song lyric, by Lily...

Suppose I Was A Swirl of Light

Suppose I was a beautiful swirl of light,
Paying no attention to what you humans thought.
Twirling with the stars, teasing the black holes, and riding on meteors.
When one got too close to earth I went onto a different one,
letting the other one turn into a meteorite.
Now that I’m aged, and getting dull,
I decided to stop lighting up meteors and retire to my home.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

other end of the leash

Lily and Penny... separated at birth?

As the dogwalker/stroller engine this is my daily point of view...

...this is what Rosie sees.

...and sometimes this.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Professor Jones and Jamie G.

Jamie recently got reading glasses and loves them. He can be a fashionable little dude and he is certain that his reading glasses give him a very cool look. Here he is posing with Lily on grandparents day at school.

He is pretty sure that if he wears his glasses and bow tie, he bears an uncanny resemblance to his personal hero, Professor Indiana Jones- during his day job.
I pretty much agree with him... professor Jones, and Jamie G, fashionable gentlemen with cool glasses.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Pic

Our personal favorite Student Ambassador Mary, as she departs for New Orleans as a part of a "Remembering Katrina" community clean up.

July 4th 2010


Bike Parade in the Park

Daddy's Girl!

Henry and Lily, post parade and heading for home.