Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Our Son is Eleven!

"Good Morning Mom... your son is eleven!"
Today is Henry's 11th birthday and those were the first words I heard this morning.
Henry at almost eleven...in Wyoming.

H- Bomb Gieseke's informal quick fire birthday interview...
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Best book ever read?
"Treasure Hunters, by James Patterson"
Favorite sport?
"Football to watch... tie between baseball and football to play."
  Favorite school subject?
"Religion... and Social Studies"
Your perfect day?
"Playing a ton of Minecraft with my friends"What would you like to be as a grown-up?
"President of Nerf Guns Incorporated."
Best thing you did this summer?
"Definitely family camp. And the downtown zipline"
Favorite place in the world?
"My home." 

Henry, waving to the apartments during his downtown zip line, July 2015.  
Happy happy birthday to our thoughtful, sporty, peacemaking, sweet son on his 11th birthday!

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