Thursday, September 3, 2015

Andre and his Beautiful Back to School Bus.

I have a new hero in my world and his name is Andre. 
You can't see him in this photo, because I didn't wasn't to alarm him by being too forward...but he is there, trust me. 
Gloriously driving his big beautiful bus.  
Summer was lovely but also epic long. Which you think would have given us plenty of time to get ready when our September 1st first day of school. And I really did think we were well prepared and good to go, but I was wrong and very surprised when on August 31st at a little after 7:00, one of my darlings ( names omitted to protect the not so innocent) told me that he didn't actually get his supplies during the 100 other times we were at Target over the summer, and he still needed his stuff. 
"Like now really, or definitely before tomorrow." 
And this same child, whose angry disappointment over the poor selection of night before school supplies at Target, threw himself into immediate and heartfelt sibling rivalry and pushed me right over summers edge to count the minutes to school starting. And I can tell you for certain that there are absolutely no orange folders with prongs and pockets in the store that has everything. 
And then, a mere 11 hours following the final fit of summer, as if in a hazy but beautiful dream,
 there was Andre... sweeping them off their feet and taking them to school where they can be with lots of other members of their own kid packs and those dear lovely highly skilled professionals called teachers. 
And while the first two back to school mornings were not captured photographically... the third time is a charm... sort of. goes our 3rd day of school wombats...
Lilly, 9th grade, Rosie, 2nd grade, Henry, 5th grade and Jamie 7th grade.
(Please note the middle school glee in Henry's expression)
Thank you dear teachers of SCDS for your loving dedication in teaching our kids and thank you dear Andre, for your care and efficiency in delivering in driving that big gorgeous yellow school bus.

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