Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy Happy Birthday to our Anna!

This photo was taken about a month ago...when in the name of family fun and adventure, I asked her and Nate, to fly to Wyoming hang out with us for awhile and sleep in a tent with Rosie. 
And so she did... with the enthusiasm that is so wonderfully typical of her. 
This photo was taken in the early morning after we all camped... please note that Anna is still smiling, even after a long night of sharing a tent with her youngest sis. 
And then cheerfully take her little roomie on a morning cattle quest. 
(or do you call a tentmate and tent-ie?)
Again, still smiling :-) 
Today this girl turns 24 and I am reminded of just how fortunate we are to have her in our world. 
Our Anna makes everything in our family brighter and better and a whole lot more fun. 
She is a gift and a blessing and I am so very proud of the remarkable young woman that she has become. 
Happy Happy Birthday to you, dear Anna!

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