Saturday, March 27, 2010


As I was putting the boys to bed the other night, I tweaked my shoulder a little bit- some bedtimes are a little rougher then others :-)- which reminded me to tell Jamie and Henry that at least one of them had to grow up and be a doctor to take care of me. "Not me, I am going to be a shark expert..." says Jamie, which started a whole line of questions from Henry now that he was faced with the awesome responsibility of going to med school while his bro skips off to study sharks.
From Henry..."Do old people need a lot of shots?" and
"If you are holding a person's hand and they die, do you die too?"
His questions got more and more intense and then he burst into tears....sobbing "I don't want to be an old person doctor... I want to grow up and be a weatherman!"
Karl came in to see why Henry was a puddle and from the top bunk I hear Jamie explaining that Henry is crying because he want to be a weatherman when he grows up instead of an old lady doctor- like mom wants...Poor little dude... I spent the next 20 minutes or so reassuring Henry that I would be ok and I really do hope he follows his weatherman dreams.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rosie's Visits the Thrid Grade

As a part of multi-cultural week, Rosie was asked to visit Lily's grade and speak about her experience living in Ethiopia. Since her vocabulary is still under 20 words or so- I did the talking for her. The kids were great- the asked a lot of questions.... some were easy to answer, "Did Rosie like flying on the airplane?" some tougher- "Do people in Ethiopia have enough money?" and some that I couldn't answer and had to say- "good question, lets look it up." like "Why did the Ethiopian flag used to have a lion in the middle and now it has a big star?"

Here are Lily, Rosie and her teacher following the presentation. Lily and Rosie gave everyone in the class a little Ethiopian flag... the modern one with a star instead of the lion. I couldn't have guessed that I would be questioned about flag history!

Multicultural Week at Summit

Last week our kids school held a week long celebration of many different cultures and featured two countries... Ghana and Guatemala. One of the events was a fashion show- here is Jamie posing with his buddies before they took the runway.

Lily and her pal with the Guatemalan flag.
Mary was a good sport about wearing a huipil (Guatemalan blouse) and marching in procession behind the flag of Guatemala during the closing mass.

The ceremonial king and queen of Ghana made an appearance. Here they are with their entourage... I enjoyed watching them make their way through the parking lot- all gold and bearing a parasol.

Lily and her friend in their huipils before the fashion show.

We had marimba players visit and give the kids mini lessons on Guatemala's national instrument... the sound was completely authentic. Our gym sounded just like every hotel lobby and restaurant in Guatemala.

I was a little anxious about setting up a slingshot target in one corner of the gym but am so glad that I did. The kids all loved it, Jamie and Henry felt so cool to be a part of a slingshot culture. The teachers spent some time honing their skills on never know when you might need to take aim.

Even the youngest kids were able to aim and shoot the target. FYI- dried garbanzo beans proved to be the best ammunition.

Here are some of the kids posing in front of the visiting dignitaries.
Way cool.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

seriously cute stuff.

Words can't really describe an almost two year old little girl in a pink tutu- so I'll just let these pics do the talkin'...