Saturday, March 27, 2010


As I was putting the boys to bed the other night, I tweaked my shoulder a little bit- some bedtimes are a little rougher then others :-)- which reminded me to tell Jamie and Henry that at least one of them had to grow up and be a doctor to take care of me. "Not me, I am going to be a shark expert..." says Jamie, which started a whole line of questions from Henry now that he was faced with the awesome responsibility of going to med school while his bro skips off to study sharks.
From Henry..."Do old people need a lot of shots?" and
"If you are holding a person's hand and they die, do you die too?"
His questions got more and more intense and then he burst into tears....sobbing "I don't want to be an old person doctor... I want to grow up and be a weatherman!"
Karl came in to see why Henry was a puddle and from the top bunk I hear Jamie explaining that Henry is crying because he want to be a weatherman when he grows up instead of an old lady doctor- like mom wants...Poor little dude... I spent the next 20 minutes or so reassuring Henry that I would be ok and I really do hope he follows his weatherman dreams.

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