Friday, March 12, 2010

Rosie's Visits the Thrid Grade

As a part of multi-cultural week, Rosie was asked to visit Lily's grade and speak about her experience living in Ethiopia. Since her vocabulary is still under 20 words or so- I did the talking for her. The kids were great- the asked a lot of questions.... some were easy to answer, "Did Rosie like flying on the airplane?" some tougher- "Do people in Ethiopia have enough money?" and some that I couldn't answer and had to say- "good question, lets look it up." like "Why did the Ethiopian flag used to have a lion in the middle and now it has a big star?"

Here are Lily, Rosie and her teacher following the presentation. Lily and Rosie gave everyone in the class a little Ethiopian flag... the modern one with a star instead of the lion. I couldn't have guessed that I would be questioned about flag history!


  1. that is so funny a child asked you that! Good job Rosie and Momma.

  2. Hi Maggie,

    Sounds like those kiddos are really smart and asked some great questions!

    Congratulations on your beautiful family!

    All the best,