Monday, May 30, 2016

Nate Proposed to Anna!

On a very happy Saturday, my Anna's beloved sweetheart dropped to his knees, declared his love, and asked our Anna to be his wife. 
And because Nate is a good, kind man who loves her with all of his heart and she is a smart girl who recognizes this and loves him as much, she said yes. 
It helps to have a fantastic younger sister to help organize the timing of things and Mary was on it. She alerted the party guests of exciting developments to come so that when the exact right moment arrived, everyone who loves these two most was there to see it happen. Every future groom should have as someone fabulous and organized as Mary on their side.
It takes courage and a huge leap of faith to propose to the woman that you love in front of her family and I am incredibly honored that Nate made the choice to include both families to be a part of the very first moments of their bright future together. 
Every year on Memorial Day Saturday, my parents host a big picnic at the farm in Lebanon and invite all of their friends and family. Nate decided to use this occasion to propose and I am so glad that he did. His own dear parents came too...driving many hours from Alabama, and his sweet sister Kathleen traveled from Phoenix to be here for the big moment. And while I know that Anna is cool and understanding of the quirks and quarks of her big family, I'm thrilled that we didn't scare Nate as much as we could have. 
He is strong man with an excellent sense of humor.

Here are Anna and Nate surrounded by amazing sisters and their goofy and their adorable hound one day post engagement as they prepare to head back to Charlotte and start planning a wedding. 
And I am so very happy for these two young ones... happy that they found each other and realize that they are both better people when they are together. 
Blessings to them both as they move together torward a bright shiny future of love, hope and unity.

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