Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Dear Teenage Jamie.

January 29, 2003 
The first day we met our Jamie.
 Karl was the first one of our family to see him... being the tallest, and so able to cover the ground quickly, he made to across the room and to his son before anyone else. 
From the back of our family pack, I heard his first words to his first son. 
"There you are! 
I'd recognize you anywhere.."
And so began their first of many adventures together.
Today Jamie turns 13 and he and his dad are very much alike and so they appreciate each other immensely...they enjoy being together and have a lot in common. 
Both share a love of the outdoors and are talented musicians...the most difficult part about camping for both of them is that it's really tough to take your piano into the woods with you.
Father and son also both happen to be the kind of dudes who can rock the floppy hair and aviators just enough to keep things interesting...
(although Karl's floppy hair is a more historical reference right now)

Wishing our oldest son all good things as he begins his teenage years.  
Happy happy birthday dear Jamie...we love you. 

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