Friday, July 16, 2010

Suppose I Was a Swirl of Light

Lily's new favorite quiet place is her "Fort under the Stairs."
Quite similar to Harry Potter's
Cupboard under the Stairs bedroom, only less homey.

Lily attended a wonderful week long camp for young writers. She really enjoyed it although she was uncomfortable when it came to giving feedback on other girls pieces. The girls were encouraged to make positive comments about the other campers writing... Lily later told me that she felt that she was a "very good listener and a less good commenter."
I think that good listening is a tougher skill then good commenting and told her as much.

Here is a poem, or maybe song lyric, by Lily...

Suppose I Was A Swirl of Light

Suppose I was a beautiful swirl of light,
Paying no attention to what you humans thought.
Twirling with the stars, teasing the black holes, and riding on meteors.
When one got too close to earth I went onto a different one,
letting the other one turn into a meteorite.
Now that I’m aged, and getting dull,
I decided to stop lighting up meteors and retire to my home.

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