Friday, March 27, 2009

The Rules defined by Lillian

  I discovered a posting outside of the little guys rooms last night. Witness below our little trio of rule makers/breakers and to the right, the room rules that they (or rather, their spokes-girl)came up with.

Prominantly displayed, is a list of rules composed by Lillian which outlines the laws of behavior within each room.  It looks like whining like a baby, spitting, the pulling down of pants and fish/frog petting are not tolerated on any level.  Other things, like playing with guns are ok to do with permission.  I imagine that Lily is the one who grants such permission.  Also to be noted is that the ok guns to play with are nerf guns.. the kind with orange foamy "bullets" with suction cups on the ends that make the most satisfying thwack when fired.  We are not talking about automatic rifles here... even Lily would refuse permission for something like that.  

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