Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

I saw a preview for a movie coming out in the fall based on the Maurice Sendak children's book Where the Wild Thing Are. In this photo Jamie reminds me so much of Max... King of the Wild Things..willing and capable of taming a wild beast or two.

Lily and Jamie absolutely loved going to nature day camp last week and I loved the fact that they could do it all without me. For the first week they roamed the woods and caught reptiles and for the second week it was all about insects. The idea was to catch as much wildlife as possible throughout the course of the week, study and observe the creepy crawlies and then release it all on the last day. On one of the days, Lily helped to catch an unusually large queen snake. Gulp. I am so glad that there are such people as fun young camp counselors who can celebrate the joy in finding an unusually large queen snake, because I am pretty sure that my reaction to such a beastie would be to run for the car and quickly roll up the windows.

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