Thursday, December 31, 2009

X-mas Pix!

Nothing says Christmas morning more then matching and ridiculous p-jays. Here is our annual Christmas morning whole team couch photo.
Anna and Mary hanging with their cool Columbus cousins on Christmas Eve's Eve.
All of the kids (various pets too) with their big cousins. Poor Henry is weeping because Jamie wacked him just as everyone was getting into place, notice how happy Jamie, and really everyone else seems to be?! No sympathy for those tears!
Rosie was thrilled with her little African drum from 10,000 Villages. She is also in love with Mary's cute new necklace that she quickly borrowed and wore for the day... she is a jewelry kind of gal!
Jamie is crazy about Star Wars guys... he was psyched to add to his collection.
Henry got a little hamster who he named Wesley, after the hero in Princess Bride. He loves his little hamster and was thrilled to have a pet of his own that is not Lily's or Jamie's.
I think Henry and Wesley resemble each other... same bright eyes, cute round face, shiny black hair...does Henry look like a hamster, or Wesley a little boy... hmmmm.
I told Mary that there was absolutely no way she would be getting a new phone and she totally believed me... I love her big surprise face... gotcha!
Turkey posing with his new Christmas Snuggie... a must for every snuggly terrier.

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  1. Hi Maggie! I love the photo with all of you in the matching PJ's. What a great traditional photo. Rosie looks so happy - what a beautiful family. I hope all is going well!