Thursday, December 31, 2009

X-mas Pix!

Nothing says Christmas morning more then matching and ridiculous p-jays. Here is our annual Christmas morning whole team couch photo.
Anna and Mary hanging with their cool Columbus cousins on Christmas Eve's Eve.
All of the kids (various pets too) with their big cousins. Poor Henry is weeping because Jamie wacked him just as everyone was getting into place, notice how happy Jamie, and really everyone else seems to be?! No sympathy for those tears!
Rosie was thrilled with her little African drum from 10,000 Villages. She is also in love with Mary's cute new necklace that she quickly borrowed and wore for the day... she is a jewelry kind of gal!
Jamie is crazy about Star Wars guys... he was psyched to add to his collection.
Henry got a little hamster who he named Wesley, after the hero in Princess Bride. He loves his little hamster and was thrilled to have a pet of his own that is not Lily's or Jamie's.
I think Henry and Wesley resemble each other... same bright eyes, cute round face, shiny black hair...does Henry look like a hamster, or Wesley a little boy... hmmmm.
I told Mary that there was absolutely no way she would be getting a new phone and she totally believed me... I love her big surprise face... gotcha!
Turkey posing with his new Christmas Snuggie... a must for every snuggly terrier.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Over the Rhine

I was able to see my favorite band on Saturday night... Cincinnati's own Over the Rhine. Each year they end their tour by performing a show at the Taft and everyone leaves the show feeling as though they have just spent a couple of hours with their coolest and most talented friends. They are incredible musicians in every sense of the word... each lyric is pure poetry and all of their songs are played with both passion and compassion.
Both Linford and Karin (the leads/producers) also seem to be just incredibly kind people. I receive e-mail updates from the tour written by Linford. Here is a part of his note written just before their final show...

After we played in Denver, we rec'd a beautiful letter from a listener who said,
"I felt my soul being pieced back together while you played."

May that be a blessing for all of us: As the year winds down, may we feel our souls being pieced back together.

Another listener at Seattle's Sunday night show wrote and said, "I've listened to Drunkard's Prayer until it was worn to a polish like a string of rosary beads - each song a prayer for the Desperate and Hopeful."

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Let's find each other, and gather all of us in a room, the desperate, the hopeful, anyone who longs to piece their soul back together: All are welcome here.

We'll be lookin' for you.

Peace like a river,

Linford and Karin of Over the Rhine

Humility, Gratitude and Kindness.
Thank You, OTR, for sharing your talents.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chris Henry

Chris Henry, 1983-2009
Chris Henry may have had his issues (who doesn't?) but his loss is unbearably painful to many.
Rest in peace Chris Henry. You will be missed.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Making of Christmas Card '09

Each year my family spend way more time and energy then really anyone should, putting together our Christmas card. I wish I could say that the kids all love doing it, but really it's like pulling teeth to make it happen. They all appreciate and are very proud of the card as the end result, but don't care much for the process of it all. Karl and I have learned over the years just the right combination of bribes and threats to get the younger kids to cooperate.(hmmmm... 'tis the season of bribes and threats?) So as I type this,Karl is furiously photo-shopping in hope that we can get them out by Christmas. The final card will be very cool, but until then, here are a few snapshots from the photo shoot that will eventually become Christmas card '09.

Mary is a fantastic model-

Lily was mostly helpful, but her bird was perfect!

Rosie wasn't so sure, but looks pretty darn cute sporting her little antlers.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa Claus, Superelf and Baby Reindeer

I pulled some Christmas stuff out to start getting ready for the holidays... mostly to get our Christmas card going and before I got far the little guys got into everything. They took some stuff upstairs to their rooms to play and when I checked back later they kicked me out... I was not welcomed into their reindeer games. I asked Jamie ("santaboss") what they were playing... Jamie was Santa (the boss) Henry was Superelf (sidekick in a cape) and Rosie was, of course Baby Reindeer. Our little rugrats really do have their moments of cuteness...