Monday, June 14, 2010

Kid Art

The kids are so fortunate to have a wonderful art program at their school. Both Lily and Jamie love art class and have learned a lot over the school year as evidenced by Jamie's self portraits. He was so proud to show me his most recent drawing and felt the need to explain that in his first day of school portrait, he didn't really understand how to draw a face yet. He referred to it as "my baby drawing."

Last day of class self portrait sketch by Jamie.

Here is a drawing by Jamie showing perspective. He thought that it was just wonderful that you could draw "things big, to look up close... and other things teeny tiny, to look far away."
That is pretty cool...

I liked it so much I had it framed- Jamie liked this too, and Rosie is just happy to be a part of the pose.

Sunflower by Lily

Giant Sunflower framed!

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