Monday, March 28, 2011

Loudmouth Social Butterfly

Our little Rose is truly the most social little girl I know... she is fascinated by meeting new people and will go out of her way to speak to anyone and everyone she bumps into.  Rosie is always "on" and always eager for conversation. There is nothing quiet or subtle about our tiny little socialite which makes running everyday errands an adventure.

Two recent Rosie incidents come to mind...

As we were walking to our car the other day Rosie spotted a shaggy, long haired dude... "I like your pretty hair..." she yelled to a fellow. Perhaps homeless, or maybe he was just really way down on his luck kind of guy who was hanging out in the drugstore parking lot.  He just looked at the two of us for a few long seconds- probably trying to make sense of us, and then answered my daughter with a drawn out "Whaaaat?" To which  Rosie in her big girl loudmouth voice replied "I SAID, I LIKE YOUR PRETTY HAIR!" 
"Oh, ok... thanks,"was his reply. My guess is that her new bestie wasn't accustomed to receiving a ton of hair compliments and wasn't sure where she was going with it.
"BYE!" she hollered back to him.
"Hey... I like your pretty hair too!"said the dude.
"Thank you!"Rosie yelled back.
I cracked up... I really think that this was the most unusual exchange of hair compliments from the two most unlikely sources, ever.
The second memorable errand involved a quick run to the craft store in hopes to find yarn hair for Jamie's created model of Sitting Bull. I found some suitable black yarn pretty quickly but Rosie took off running just as quick. I found her in the back of the store chatting up the man who works as the picture framer.
"What's your name?" she asked him.
"Dan" he replied.
"How old are you, Man?"She thought his name was Man, not Dan.
These are the two questions that she is asked the most, so this is what Rosie believe to be quality conversation.
"I'm 32, how old are you?" Dan asked.
I'm six.
A big fat lie- Henry is six, Rosie is two but she really wants to be six like Henry so she often lies about her age.
"Ok, Rosie we gotta go" I said scooping her up.
"Bye, Man!"said Rosie over my shoulder.
"Bye, Rosie!"said Dan.
"Bye, Man!"
"Bye, Rosie!"
The goodbyes between Rosie and Dan continued halfway through the store at which point Dan got on his call speaker and announced "Bye, Rosie!" as I paid for Sitting Bull's yarn hair.
To keep up with the store loudspeaker, Rosie once again called upon her loudmouth to voice her goodbyes to her new pal, Dan.
"Bye, Man!" she is now yelling at the top of her little lungs.
"Bye Rosie!" Dan wouldn't let it go... I'm guessing his supervisor wasn't anywhere in the store.
Her final goodbye to Dan was from the sidewalk in front of the store... she stuck her fuzzy little head back in the door and screamed...
"Bye, Man!"
Could we be any more obnoxious? 
It seems that my not so shy little girl really enjoys having the last loud word.

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