Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dog Park Photographer

If you take a kid to the dog park, chances are he will ask you for your camera...
And you will later discover some terrific new perspective photos on that camera.
Like an EXTREMELY happy faced little sister...
A brother playing ball with a bulldoggie...
And maybe that kid will choose to focus on something that is important to him, like this big headed fellow instead of yet another picture of his sister.
And then that kid will catch moments in time that he thinks are absolutely hilarious... like this big dog smelling the butt of a little dog. 
He will also take some up close and personal shots of some and very attentive faces.
 And some more funny things... such as this little beagle trying desperately to make himself just a Smidgey.
 Hours later you will ask for your camera back not even realizing all of the great photos that that kid took during his visit to the dog park.
An unexpected and happy surprise from Jamie,
my favorite

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