Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NFL Go Go Boots.

 Henry has effectively turned his little sister into a huge Bengals fan through the magic of go go boots.
He returned from a home game with big news for Rosie... "the Bengal cheerleaders wear white go go boots that are EXACTLY LIKE YOURS!!!"
Rosie adores her big brother, but they don't often have similar interests... the gap between 4 year old girly-girl and 8 year old sporty dude can be wide.
 While it might be a stretch to find something Rosie friendly in the NFL, Henry did so when he slapped his game day program in front of her and pointed out those shiny white booted Ben-gals.

She agreed that they were full of awesome and ran to put on her cool tiger t-shirt.
Her friend and partner in go go boots fashion happened to be over and the two junior Ben-gal cheerios struck a pose with their sporty cool boots.
Henry is very proud of his little sister's Bengal fan-ship, he pointed out
"Maybe if I grow up and play for the Bengals... you can wear your boots and yell for me!"
In the mean time... they both continue to practice their respective future careers.

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