Saturday, January 12, 2013

The happily ever after of Pumpkin Chun.

Once upon a time in college, there lived a little cat.
Her name was Pumpkin and she lived a happy life of a college freshman. She went to class and learned a lot about art and humanities.
And had tons of fun.
She was young and carefree and liked it that way.
 Then she got a little older and realized that the school holidays when her friends were gone were longer than ever. 
She did not like Thanksgiving, or Christmastime. 
Spring break gave her the blues. 
She became very whiny and needy... and not so fun anymore but she was still beloved by the human students.
They felt sorry for her, brought her into the dorms and did their best to hide her there... she became a hidden stowaway cat.
But all of the pity and sneaking around troubled her soul and made her sad...she longed for a family of her own, with a personal and private litter box and a diet of nutritious Fancy Feast instead of  coffee and french fries.
Then one day, a new resident adviser moved in and said that Pumpkin had to go.
"She violates the RULES!" declared to new R.A., and called the cat catcher.
While the cat catcher was on his way, some of Pumpkin's friends and hiders called their friend Anna for advice and counsel. 
"What should we do! They are taking Pumpkin away!" Her hiders cried.
Anna and her sorority sisters said "No! they can't take Pumpkin!" and jumped into action. 
They drove quickly (but safely) to campus and arrived just in time.
"We will take her, she can be ours!" said Anna and her sorority friends before they remembered that they had allergic to cats roommates.
Anna called her mom and asked if I knew of anyone who needed a cat.
"Let me call my friend Sunjoo and ask if they are still thinking catty thoughts," said mom.
She did and they were....Sunjoo had promised a cat to their daughter Sydney and it seemed that Pumpkin the Carolina Campus Cat would be welcomed into their family. 
Pumpkin will soon have a home of her own! 
A welcoming party of Anna's little sibs went to the airport to welcome home Pumpkin when she later flew to Ohio on Anna's lap.
And so here is Pumpkin's new grandfather, Dr. Chun, with the welcoming committee. He is very excited to meet Pumpkin, but also nervous about taking her out of her cute pink carrier and losing her in the airport lobby.
And here is Ms. Pumpkin Chun, with her very own kid a few weeks later.

She loves having a family with kids and a cozy cat bed in front of the dryer...and while she enjoyed her former life as a Campus Cat, she likes her life as a Beloved Buckeye house cat much better. 
She is now fat and sassy and forever grateful to Anna for finding her a loving home and then flying her to that magical place, where she could live out the rest of her 9 (give or take a few) lives,
The End.

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