Monday, February 10, 2014

Jamie and Turkey…two eleven year old guys.

Jamie and Turkey are both eleven years old and need each other tremendously.
Turkey needs Jamie because, while his own mother adores him, she has been absentee since she left for college four years ago.
Turkey needs someone who will look beyond his gassiness and incontinence and love him for his only skill in the world, the one thing that he is really very good at.
Which is being hugged.
And Jamie needs Turk because he is an 11 year old dude, and while it's not cool at all to hug your parents, a Turkey snuggle is always ok.
Yesterday Jamie took these portraits of his favorite dog and I think they actively capture the essence of Turkey.
 Turkey wearing Jamie's favorite piano keys bow tie.
(Jamie has not yet learned the trick of cleaning up the background of the photo to fake like your room is less messy than it actually is)
Turkey trying his best to look intimidating with the ginormous and famous 
(in our house)  
Nerf Hail Fire.
Scratching his butt and back and then...
 staring blankly at the bottom of the steps. 
And that pretty much captures the highlights of Turkey's day caught and collected by his favorite guy. 
We are all wishing Turkey many more years of good enough health to be there for Jamie to hold onto as he makes his way through his middle school years. 

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