Monday, January 26, 2015

14 years of Lilly!

Our Lilly is now 14!!!
And very happily celebrated this milestone with her best buddies...
who were able to join her in a night of music, movies, and of course, a night time ice cream adventure to Aglamesis. 
Which is our family's choice spot to celebrate happy milestones, or everyday happenings. 
Really, Aglamesis is the perfect all occasion venue for all things good.  
Here is my favorite middle school girl gang enjoying an ice cream birthday toast.
And posing in the parking lot in from of the giant blue manatee.
It might be noted that Lily has chosen to celebrate her birthday in a fez.
I'm not sure why.
But I have leaned not to ask to many fashion questions and the birthday fez seems like one of those questions not to be asked.
Wishing our sweet, kind and funny Lillian the best and brightest year ahead.
Happy 14th Lilly... you are much loved.

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