Sunday, August 16, 2009

"I can't believe I'm seven now...not regular old six!"

With much fanfare, Jamie turned seven and I have never seen a boy happier about being a year older. Is there some kind of a super fun secret society open only to seven year old boys? There must be because Jamie can not stop talking about how much cooler it is to be seven instead of regular old six. It's almost like he was embarrassed that he was ever six and would just prefer not to speak about it now.
The morning of his birthday, in an act of manly celebration, Jamie yanked out his (only a little bit) wiggly baby front tooth. That's just the sort of thing a kid does at seven. Sure, it's ok for six year olds to still have front baby teeth- but once you hit that birthday milestone, the baby teeth have got to go. Happy Birthday Jamie-you rock.

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