Monday, August 17, 2009

Turkey V. a small truck

I feel like I got hit by a truck

Turkey, Anna's little Boston terrier was hit by a truck last week and lived to talk about it. It was a small truck, but still, when a 20 lb dog goes head to head with a truck, no matter how small- I would put my money on the truck. But he made it... thanks to luck and amazing veterinarians and now he is in recovery at home. He is completely pitiful with a repaired shattered hip among other things but he is alive and hanging in there.
Our little Turkey dog with all of his doggie issues and quirks is really a part of our family and the fact that we came so close to losing him was tough. While I kept reminding myself that our little Turk was a dog- not a person and I should be able to cope, I really wasn't nearly as composed as I hoped to be and our whole family was just plain ol' sad until we were reasonably sure he would survive.

Here he is hanging with Jamie and Lily pre-truck

...and here he is contemplating a baby rose bush.

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