Friday, September 18, 2009

Homeward Bound!

Here is a photo of Rosie in her last few hours in Ethiopia. For never having been in a stroller before she adapted to it quickly and enjoyed strolling around the wide open spaces.

I honestly don't remember a lot of details from the trip home... hours blurred into hours which became more hours. Rosie did ok... she fussed a bit and slept a lot. It was all kind of surreal to fly for that long and we were moving with the night, so it was dark for most of the time. Our total travel time was about 30 hours, about 22 of those hours were the flight from Addis Ababa to Washington D.C. Immigration in Washighton was a breeze... no problems there and then we were on to our final leg... Dulles to Cincinnati.

Forget Disney World, for me the happiest place on earth is the painted yellow strip at the base of the escalators at the airport. That's the spot where those waiting are the closest they can be to those coming from incoming flights. That is the very spot where the rest of our family met Jamie, Henry and now Rosie, and I associate it only with happiness. The thrill of introducing your newest member, combined with the relief of finally being home is a joy that can't be beat.

Our first glimpse at our welcoming committee... if a stroller could peel out, that's exactly what we were doing...

A little more composed just before we left the airport... Henry looks glum, but he really wasn't.

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