Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Morning

On Wednesday we didn't have any plans or appointments until 3:00 so it was a very restful morning. Many of the other families from our agency went shopping in the morning, but I all I really wanted to do was stay in the guest house and snuggle little Rose. Since Elizabeth was able to do some shopping and visit the national museum while Rosie and I were at the embassy, having a quiet morning sounded good to her too. So instead of venturing out, Rosie napped and I watched this little drama unfold from our guest room.
As Miss Rosie was snoozing away, I heard a terrible moaning sound, peeked out my tiny little balcony and saw this cow being beaten with a stick and marched up our street.

Then I heard an even more tragic sound,a higher pitch bleat and saw this baby cow crying for it's mama being led away. It was all very noisy and very sad.

A few minutes after the mama cow, baby cow drama wrapped up, I heard the clackity-clack of little hooves, peeked out again and saw a herd of goats making their way down the other direction.

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