Monday, November 9, 2009

Passport to Forever

Jamie and Henry recovered from the flu just in time to work their stuff on the runway as little male models. They were two of many internationally adopted children who participated in the children's fashion show at the fundraiser for the International Adoption Center at CCHMC. It's an AWESOME event, the highlight of the evening seeing the kids wave and grin and march the runway in style. So many dedicated volunteers work their tails off to make it a successful night... Karl and I have it easy because we volunteer to put together a slide show video each year and really enjoy collecting all of the photos and piecing them together with music. This year's event featured the Pacific Islands, and had a luau theme so we tried to stay in theme with my favorite parable, which just happens to be from Hawaii. I asked a friend's new daughter Elona, who is recently adopted from the Ukraine and is truly one remarkable and adorable young lady to read the parable and then speak a little bit about herself. We began the video with Over the Rainbow,covered by Israel Kamakawio'ole-my total favorite ukulele artist, better know as Iz, a perfect fit for showing the kid photos. Then we worked in a shortened version of Jackie DeShannon's LittleLove in Your Heart, and finished with my all time favorite song O-o-h-Child by the Five Stairsteps.

Here is the video... enjoy!

"...things will get brighter...right now"

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  1. What a sweet video! I saw a few little faces I recognized! So fun. Next year, R will be there for sure. And maybe E, too. :)