Friday, November 6, 2009

Slime Flu Vs. the Boys

Both of our boys got hit with the swine flu, or "slime flu" as they called it, both on the same day. Our area has been widely affected, so while it doesn't surprise me that the boys caught it, we were really doing our best to stay healthy until we could get vaccinated against it. The most amazing part about Jamie and Henry getting sick was that they were the only members of the family to get it. While I would really rather avoid it for everyone, I am the most worried about Rosie being exposed as she is still getting over some minor health issues that she came home with. So, because we really wanted to keep the illness just with the boys we were very strict about keeping them apart from the rest of us, and spend every waking hour lysol-ing, and washing hands, toys and bedding. They stayed in their rooms and were only allowed out to go to the bathroom... not a big deal when during the first two days when they were very sick and didn't want to move, but more of a problem during the three days when their fever hovered at 100... they felt well enough that they wanted to do stuff and to have to stay in their room, was like the longest time out of their life. They took to coming to the door of their room and yelling at the top of their very loud lungs about how completely healthy they were. Once Henry complained that he missed his baby sister, and then when I brought her to the foot of the stairs so that she could wave to him- he got upset because she had on new baby jeans..."when did she start wearing jeans!" I guess he felt left out of her fashion decisions. Jamie completely immersed himself in hours and hours of watching cartoons and is now obsessed with Burger King... they must have a really good commercial because Jamie has brought up his deprived childhood times since... "I just don't understand why I have never been to Burger King... it has everything I like"
So while the flu had it's scary moments (Jamie's temp read 104.6 at it's highest..gulp!)Once we were over the first two days it was mostly all about containment and waiting it out.... no fun, but not the worst.

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