Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Farted on Your Money

Could our little Henry look any more innocent?
I don't think so...
But now, after overhearing a recent discussion, I know that he does have a dark side and is unafraid to use his very own significant gas for evil.

This is how the first conversation of the day (6:50am) between Henry and his big brother and roommate went...

"I farted on your money."
Jamie..."that's not even possible."
"Yeah it is... I felt gassy so I grabbed your money and stuck it in my underwear and cut a big fart all over it."
"Was it dollars or coins?"
"Coins, mostly pennies"
"That's gross and I don't even care...."

However Jamie did care...I could hear it in his voice.and maybe he was even a little grossed out.
Score one for Henry and for little brothers everywhere for having the quick wit and genius (not to mention control) to occasionally fart on the pennies of your oppressor, just to prove that you can.
His father and I are so proud.