Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In acknowledgent of World AIDS Awareness Day...

I am constantly in amazement of seemingly regular folks who take on seemingly overwhelming tasks. Carolyn Twietmeyer is one of my personal heroes...she stepped up and reached out to those children in orphanages who need her most. She and her husband Kiel, founded an organization to facilitate the adoptions of kids with HIV/AIDS. Projecy Hopeful is instrumental in bringing these children home where they have access to the medications that all children deserve.

This is the simple explanation of the chain of events that led to the development of Project Hopeful as told by Carolyn.

Our first adoption brought focus to the reality of the number of siblings that are often separated because one of them has HIV. Our second adoption of Selah drove that point home when we realized that her teenaged brother and sister were living on their own in Addis Ababa, ET. We recognized the tragedy and degree of loss that our daughter and her siblings had already suffered as a result of HIV/AIDS. At that point we committed to finding a way to make them part of our family as well. The process to adopt this time took two years. One week before our son Andarge would have turned 18 and been unable to immigrate into the US we finally crossed the finish line! May of 2010, all our children were reunited at O’hare Airport. There was a degree of joy that was unexplainable, the last time Andarge 18, and Sarah 16, saw their sister Selah she was days from death. The looks on their faces when they saw her healthy and whole was priceless.

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