Sunday, January 30, 2011

"I Like Mrs. Kane"

Please ignore the grubby face of my dear daughter, who must always be in the picture, and instead note the sentiment of Jamie's t'shirt.
He had an out of uniform day in school. When he came down for breakfast he had written "I like Mrs. Kane" in Sharpie marker on his t shirt. Mrs. Kane teaches Jamie's 2nd grade class and is a GREAT teacher. I know she is GREAT because when I asked Jamie why he wrote "I like Mrs. Kane" on his shirt, he told me "because she is a great teacher and I like her." 
"What makes her a great teacher?" I asked 
Jamie thought for a few seconds and this was his answer...
"Because when she works with me my brain gets smarter and she gives me compliments all of the time."

Thank you Mrs. Kane.

I asked him what all of the other kids thought of his t shirt, and he said that they thought he was funny for writing it on his shirt. I asked what Mrs. Kane thought and Jamie said that she thought he was very cool and very funny.  

I love that Mrs Kane motivates Jamie to work had and grow his brain and in return Jamie is proud and happy to declare his fondness for his favorite teacher.

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