Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bee-ing Brave.

 Immediately following the middle school spelling bee today, our school principal thanked all of the  spellers for participating and reminded them of their bravery.
He told them all that it took a lot of courage to stand up and take a risk of being wrong, especially in front of your class, and he thanked them for their courage in taking that risk.

 Lily was one of the students who represented her 5th grade class in the bee. She maintained a calm exterior, but afterwards she told me that she was really nervous and had "like, a whole flock of butterflies" in her belly.

She was fortunate in that she had a ton of telepathic support. When it was Lily's turn to spell, I noticed that a few of her friends in the audience had closed their eyes and crossed their fingers in order to send her some good spelling vibes. It was a nice display of 5th grade solidarity and Lily was quite touched by this... me too. 

She did really well and hung on until the 4th round... the tough word that stumped her was damagable, oops... I mean... "damageable."

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  1. She looks so cute up there on the stage all spelly and stuff! I would be so nervous and probably misspell the first word thrown at me- I'd spell a completely different word instead.