Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tiny Sneaky Toothbrusher

Rosie the Riveter looking every bit the tiny +  maniacal dental hygienist.

Rosie got a brand new mermaid tooth brush that she loves very much.
She loves it so much, in fact that she wants to share it.
But she doesn't really want anyone else to touch it because she really doesn't trust anyone with her "new beautiful tooth brusher."
Her solution is to sneak up on unsuspecting family members and brush their teeth while they aren't looking.
Which isn't cool and only served in annoying her siblings.

The other night, I awoke from deep sleep with my dear girl trying to brush my teeth.
As you can imagine, this is intrusive and weird, but I really wasn't surprised.

What I find most interesting is her process of thought.
She must have woke up at 3:00 in very early morning (late night?) and thought to herself
"hmmm... right now seems like a really good time to brush my mom's teeth?"
And then, what fascinates me the most, is that she had the follow through to get up and go find her new "beautiful tooth brusher" in the bathroom and try to sneak in some parental dental hygiene in the wee hours.
So I guess that how her mind works...
She has a new cool toothbrush and wants to brush someones teeth, but doesn't really want to share it.
Mom is sound asleep in the next room.
Connect the dots and... BINGO!
Rosie's best 3:00 am idea ever.

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  1. I think I would have screamed my head off if I was awakened by a secret tiny toothbrusher. I love the visual of her sneaking around trying to get at everyone's mouths.