Saturday, July 28, 2012

Full On Smize.

 The Smize...
If you are not familiar with the term, it is defined by Tyra Banks (America's Top Model) as "smiling with your eyes."
Tyra says that it's really important to
 " and exude warmth from your eyes, without warmth, your eyes will appear soulless and empty."
Gasp! Who wants empty eyes?
Lily has never watched America's Top Model but absolutely did not want her 11 year old eyes to appear one bit soulless. Thankfully, her big sister was able to step in and teach her the art of the smize while they were together on vacation.
The trick (so I'm told) is to "take the hungry out and leave the happy in."
Don't they look very expectant in their smizey-ness?
The thing about the smize is that once you start, it becomes a part of you and you might find yourself in smizing away while eating Cheerios.

( I think that Harry the budgie might be a little smizey here too, or perhaps he is just begging for cereal- hard to tell with hungry little bird eyes.)

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