Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet Peanut Butter...and Dorito.

Meet Peanut Butter...
and his little brother Dorito.
Their new proud parents, Henry and Jamie.
Henry came up with the clever hamster naming strategy of naming them after two things that went well together.
He wanted to name his little fellow Peanut Butter and have Jamie name his little guy Jelly, but Jamie rebelled against that and insisted on calling his guy after his favorite gas station snack.... "Dorito."
Henry was annoyed, but by then strongly felt that "Peanut Butter" should most definitely be the name of his oldest son, it was a cute name, it suited him and he was already used to it. Of course, Jamie felt equally strong about his own chosen name and wouldn't budge on "Dorito."
An impasse was reached and both hamster names now stand as is.

Such is the drama of my sons and their rodents.
Peanut Butter and Dorito are royal hamsters... they spend a fair bit of time lounging about their castle, and poking their pink noses through the turrets.
Peanut Butter looks a little surprised to be photographed here...he might be the only hamster on our block whose castle is stalked by paparazzi .
The boys wanted to see what life inside the giant hamster ball was like and fortunately had that opportunity at Newport on the Levee, where for a few bucks, your kid can roll around a kiddie pool in a blow up hamster ball.
Both Jamie and Henry thought this was the coolest thing ever and Jamie became quite accomplished at this skill. If Hamster Ballz ever becomes an olympic sport, he has a fighting chance of a medalling.
Their report on what it's like inside the big ball...
"Fun and wiggly...also, hard to hear stuff..."
So there ya go... boys and their hamsters, alike in so many ways. 

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  1. Peanut Butter and Dorito are so cute. I hope to adapt more hamsters like them too.

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