Monday, November 26, 2012

Bengal Fever Friday

Henry made a personal declaration on Thanksgiving Friday that he and Jamie were the luckiest boys ever.  I have to agree with him on that... all three of my guys, four including Grandpa Jim, got to spend a morning of football with the Bengals, at Paul Brown Stadium.
Since it was a dudes only outing, I pleaded with my dear husband to capture the magic photographically for me... he delivered with some great shots of the boys.
My favorites are of the younger two leaping into the end zone...
Dad and Grandpa chose not to do a goal line leap, but did pose on the big Bengal B at mid field.
 And then the little guys ran a few 100 yard sprints, just because they could. that #18, wide receiver AJ Green chillin' at his locker?
Hmmm...he looks a little shorter in person.
Nope... here is the true (super cute) A.J. Green.... he's the tall fellow in the middle.
This is an example of why moms and sisters were not included in Bengal Fever morning... there is a good chance we would have embarrassed all parties by paying too much attention to the cuteness of the players... not so cool amongst the dudes in our family.
The awesome (and as noted, super cute) quarterback Andy Dalton,
(again, tall guy in the middle),
with my two very happy (and cute) boys.
Punter Kevin Huber and long snapper, Clark Harris were kind enough to grin and pose with numbers 14 and 18. 
 I think H-Bomb needs to grow a smidgey more to fill out these pads.
The boys delivered an inspired pretend post practice press report...
but Coach Lewis didn't appear too worried about them taking over his job.
Doesn't Karl look a little bit NFL coach-y, sporting his Bengal logo gear that his wife gave him as an early Christmas gift?

 Thank you to ll of the good folks with the Cincinnati Bengals for making this special day possible for my guys. It was the opportunity of a lifetime and a day that they will never forget. I can imagine that it's distracting to have a couple of kids (and dads) poking around the locker room and asking for photos and autographs, but the players, coaches and front office could not have been kinder about them being there. The tour was offered by the Bengals organization as an auction item at the International Adoption Center's party, Passport to Forever. I am grateful that the Bengals have a heart for adoptive families and opened up their stadium and practice to benefit the kids. Thank you dear Bengals for your support and generosity and congrats on a fabulous season.

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