Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome to Cincinnati, Emilio Estevez.

Emilio Estevez as a broody and intense Billy the Kid in Young Guns.

Yesterday morning was full of excitement for me in terms of my very rare celebrity sightings.
Ok, here goes...
I was enjoying a cup of coffee with friends in a downtown coffee shop when in walks Emilio Estevez. 
And I got a little distracted.
(sorry friends) 
As a middle aged housewife of the new millennium,  I am also, most definitely, an adolescent of the 80's and spent my awkward, but formative years going to the movies. 
Many movies.
And 87% (conservative estimate) of these movies starred my now coffee shop neighbor, Emilio E.
I swoon.
And the best part about seeing him now is that he seemed to be a really nice guy. 
While I don't spend a ton of time hanging out with movie stars, I can imagine that they might be a little bit bossy and a smidgey bit over confident at times.
But not my teenage hero Emilio... he was quiet and polite and  as he left the coffee shop he stopped to chat with our local Streetvibes salesman Andre. Unlike me, Andre didn't seem to recognize dear Mr. Estevez and asked him why a guy like him got to hang out with such fine and foxy women.

   (I completely agree, the two women that Emilio was with, were definitely fine and foxy and also members of the Greater Cincinnati Film Commission )

 And Emilio chuckled and gave him a few bucks... because he is adorable and sweet, and then Andre tipped back his head and belted out a joyous Christmas song for Emilio Estevez and the fine and foxy ladies.

And I took this picture because I'm sneaky that way.
Later, when I tried to convey the magnitude of my exciting morning to my dear daughter Mary, she  had a tough time wrapping her mind around it, even when I showed her this photo of dear Emilio listening attentively.
"Mom, he's like older than you!"
Imagine that...gasp.
"Maybe a little, and when you run into Joe Jonas is 30 years, you will still be wowed, and he will be a few years older then you too." 
(I was impressed by my comeback and eager to stick up for Emilio and I)
"Did you get to talk to your teenage moviestar hero?"
"Why didn't you ask someone to take a picture of you with him?"
Don't know. 
"If it was me, I would have asked him to put me in a fun headlock and then asked someone to take a pic... " 
I would have likely been arrested if I asked Emilio Estevez to headlock me this morning, sorry to let you down, Mary. 
"So you just weirdly stalked him and took his picture when he wasn't looking?"
"You are such a creeper."
Apologies for the stalk, Emilio, and welcome to Cincinnati. 
Thank you for shooting your film here and for being so positive and generous about our fair city. We are delighted that you chose Cincinnati to film Johnny Longshot and look forward to being a part of a great family film.

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