Friday, March 8, 2013

Thank You Mother Nature.

School is closed today. Classes will resume Thursday, March 7.
Snow happiness. 
Last year was a snow-less winter and until Tuesday night, the winter storms of this year occurred on the weekends or over the holidays.
So goes two years of waiting by my little wombats who were craving a day when school should be in, but can't possibly open due to snowy roads. 
When my wombats went to bed on Tuesday night, it was 37 degrees and pouring down rain.
Then sometime overnight, sweet Mother Nature stepped in and dropped the temp to 32. 
Thank you. 
Schools closed their doors for the whole day and Cincinnati kids were completely ecstatic. 
Teachers, even more so. 
Here are some big sloppy, snowy smiles from the little guys on their first, but most likely last, snow day of the year. 
Thank you Mother Nature for the most lovely early March snow day- we loved every minute!

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