Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pony Girls.

Rosie is now a pony rider.
And she is lucky enough to have two excellent teachers, one fabulous human trainer named Jess, and another 4 legged and furry teacher named Cocoa Puff.
With the addition of a nice big sister who is also horse crazy,
Rosie has a dream team on hand to help her learn to be the very best pony rider than she can be.
 She went to her first horse show not too long ago and had a great time. 
Her she is after her class with, Jess, Cocoa Puff and Lily...who was also showing that day.  
Rosie and Cocoa Puff were in a class called Leadline. She did a great job in sitting up straight and keeping her heels down and Lily was there beside her every step of the way.
Even during this tension filled moment in the competition when the judge asked her what her name was.
Our family in it's's not often anymore that all eight of us are together at once so it was great to get a photo of the whole gang...even the college girls were there to cheer on the riders. 
While it was unusual for us all to be together, it was almost epic to catch us all smiling at the exact same time. The only one without a grin is Cocoa Puff who was so over all of us by then.
The poor grumpy dear is sporting a tiny pony sneer...she was very ready to wrap up the show and go home.
But our pony girls had a great morning and were very good about cheering for each other... I love that they both have a little horsey fan club in their own family, and Rosie especially likes riding like her big sister.

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