Monday, September 30, 2013

Rock On Dear Lily.

I came across  this gem of a photo today.
It was taken when the kids were in preschool and Turkey was not long out of puppyhood, and it accurately captures Lily as the agreeable kid that she was then and remains to be. 
Seventh grade can be tough.
But so is Lily. 
It takes a lot of self control and discipline to be reasonable at the age of twelve and a be a sensible member of a big rowdy family with lots of personalities and opinions.  
But somehow, Lily has done just that. 
She has also risen to the social and academic challenges of middle school with grace and good humor.  
So dear Lily, I toast you.
I see you and appreciate that you are working hard to be both a good student and a good big sister.
I know that this is almost never easy but you are doing an outstanding job.
Rock on, straight through middle school girlfriend...
I am very proud of you.

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