Monday, September 23, 2013

Sister Anna.

This family had a great weekend, highlighted by a visit from Anna and Nate.
(Nate is her nice, smart and handsome, sweetheart)
We were all thrilled to have them home for a visit, but Rosie was especially vocal about making sure everyone in her world knew that "Sister Anna" was coming home!
Which made he sound like she joined a religious order while at college... which I really don't think happened.

However, she and Nate did look a lot like glamorous young celebrities, when they visited the home team sidelines before the Bengal game. 
(I'm not clear at all how they were able to get on the sideline... maybe it's a benefit of the sisterhood)
And then again, looking a bit more subdued, but equally stylish, Sister Anna and Nate happily posed with OSU Marching band drum major David Pettit and her biggest fan in the world, Rosie G.
Thank you for the visit Sister Anna and Nate...can't wait to see you both again soon!

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