Monday, September 2, 2013

Very First Football Game

While the NFL kicks off the season next week, Henry's team of nine and ten year old boys, kicked off their season opener on Sunday.
This was our first foray into football for kids, so while I have been a big fan all of my life, I have never watched my own kid play.
And now I know that it's much easier to watch other mother's sons whomp and be whomped on, than it is to watch your own son. 
Although Karl felt differently... he thought that it was all very natural and that Henry seemed very comfortable with all of the hitting and tackling.
Which was true, Henry had a great seems that a lifetime of being a little brother has been great training for my little defensive lineman.
I thought that Henry had the cutest 3 point stance in the whole game, so plainly evidenced in this photo. 
Also please note that Henry is on the team with the blue jerseys and silver helmets, playing hard and tough against the other team... with the blue jerseys and silver helmets. 
It was a whole hot mess of blue and silver guys out there so it took every ounce of my own personal concentration to keep my eye on that one particularly cute 3 point stance.
This is what Henry looked like after the and smiley. 
He loved being a part of both the game and the guess is that this was the first of many football Sundays for this guy.

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