Friday, June 20, 2014

Letters to Camp.

Last week, Karl said his goodbyes to Jamie as he dropped him off at camp in Northern Minnesota. Actually I don't think that there were any goodbyes, as I understand it there was more of a "see ya" before he ran off to play dodgeball with another first year camper. 
Jamie will have a fantastic time, we are sure of it. 
At first he was excited to go to camp, then he got nervous, and when he and Karl left, he was both very excited and very nervous-which I believe is  the feeling before all big adventures. He will be spending a good chunk of the summer with other guys… some a little younger, some a bit older and the really old guy counselors who are in their early 20's. 
He will be doing lots of adventurous things... even going on a week long hiking and canoeing trip through the boundary waters and into Canada. 
I am very happy that he has cool counselors that will take him on these wilderness-y adventures...  if he was waiting for his mom to hike to Canada with him, he would be waiting a very long time.  

The camp is old school… no computers or electronics and all communication is done by old fashioned snail mail letter writing. 
This is the mail cubby that has replaced his emails and telephone conversations….Jamie's name on a mail square.
(I really love this) 
Jamie will be away until the middle of July. If you would like to write him a letter or send a post card, he would be thrilled to receive it.
Please let me know and I will happily forward his camp address to you. 

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