Thursday, June 26, 2014

Co-parenting Caterpillars.

I am the proud grandmother of four darling little caterpillars, raised by a single father, Henry. 

Actually, the little caterpillars started their journey to adulthood with two parents... Jamie and Henry, but the co-parenting gig didn't work out very well and Henry felt that he deserved full custody. 
He won the mostly non-debated custody battle (based on the fact that he was the only parent who squirted water on their plant diet) and since only one out of four caterpillars died in childhood, I think he turned out to be a pretty good caterpillar dad. 
This cute little spikey fellow is a Common Buckeye Butterfly. 
He was adorable as a caterpillar kid, but had a very awkward pupae stage.
 I know…right?
These two rowdy guys chowed down on their milkweed plants and got really fat and sassy almost overnight. They were really cute but super committed to eating every last scrap of that poor pitiful milkweed.
 In this photo you can really see the feigned innocence but don't let him fool you…he totally inhaled the entire plant in just a few hours. 
Little stinker.
Ok I admit I play favorites…Stripey is totally my most beloved grand caterpillar. 
Here he is eating while upside down! Gorgeous and talented!
And check out his beautiful  pupae stage...
 Like a dew drop of precious.
And then the time came when the little guys burst out of their pupaes and into a big bright world of nectar and flight. 
Here is my favorite grandson, Stripey rocking his new look. 
And awkward no more, Common Buckeye is ready to fly off into the great beyond with his equally cute sibling butterflies. 

Fair thee well sweet butterflies n`ee caterpillars… thanks for the happy memories!

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